College dorm + Command hooks

Note:  I got nothing from Command Brand for writing this post, I just like their products.

When a family member went to live in the college dorm last year we wondered what would stick to the brick/cement block walls besides Duck Tape for hanging up photos, etc.  Well, we found the Command Brand ‘damage-free’ hooks and they worked great!  They were used even for hanging up keys so they had a set location.

I just went looking for some coupons and found out I can sign up for the newsletter, print coupons AND college students can enter to win prizes!  Here is the link:

(or search for Command Brand)

I also recently bought some of the clear hooks so I could hang our Clean/Dirty sign on our black dishwasher.  Only problem is the sign sometimes falls off since the hook wasn’t made to be tipped over, but it is better than everything else I could think of using.


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