Color Me Rad 5K – Groupon and Thrift Store

A few months ago extended family members did a ‘Color Me Rad’ 5K (walk/run where they have color bombs you go through) that sounded like fun.  Well, we found that one will be held locally in the end of September and there was a Groupon deal so we got 1/2 price registration!

If you want to try Groupon and haven’t yet, please use code and that will give me a $10 credit for referring you.  Thanks!

Since we had seen the After photos (with multi-colored clothes, etc) I decided to check out the Salvation Army store to see if I could find a white t-shirt to wear.  I ended up finding a women’s v-neck 100% cotton t-shirt for $0.99 – perfect. I already have a pair of paint splashed shorts and old running shoes so I am set.

Since I usually don’t check the clothes at a thrift store I went investigating when I found the cotton t-shirt. I found a pair of Under Armor shorts for $2.99 and a pair of stretch shorts for exercising for $0.99. Not bad.

Later – H


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