Anticipation part 2 and stressful week+

A few weeks ago I posted that my family was waiting (sometimes impatiently) for the day we could pick up our female Golden Retriever puppy named Pepper.

Well, we did pick her up on Saturday afternoon 18 August, but by Sunday afternoon it was obvious that Pepper was sick.  We called the breeder and determined that Pepper was dehydrated and had stomach issues.  So, I learned how to use an eye dropper to get water into her since she was not willing to drink on her own.

Pepper did better on Sunday night (after getting some water in her), but by Monday morning it was obvious that we needed the breeder to look at her.  (The breeder lives about 60 miles from our house – what happens when you live in ‘semi-rural’ Nevada.)  The breeder gave Pepper an I.V. and stomach medicine.  We decided that Pepper should stay at the breeder’s for a few days, but Pepper was looking better by the time we left.

On Tuesday I heard Pepper was eating, drinking and behaving normally.  But, by Wednesday morning the breeder decided Pepper needed to see the vet (Pepper was laying with her head in her water dish, etc).  I heard that they determined Pepper had a fever so they started antibiotics and was going to do lab work.  (I would not be honest if I didn’t tell you we were praying for Pepper to get well.  Since the vet and breeder couldn’t tell us what was wrong with Pepper it was scary to think about.)  I guess the breeder called and no other dogs (she also does rescue) or puppies were sick.

Pepper stayed at the vet from Wednesday last week until today (Wednesday).  Pepper had stomach issues intermittently from Wednesday to Saturday and then they had to start her back on food.

I am happy to say that I went out and picked up Pepper this morning.  We didn’t have Pepper long enough to weigh her before, but we can tell she has lost weight.  She is on a special diet and medicine for at least the next few days.  I am typing this while sitting in her fenced in area in the kitchen (she was whimpering when I was standing on the outside, but as soon as I came in and sat down she laid down next to me).

Her collar didn’t come home with her so I have to go shopping after my husband gets home tonight since we don’t have another puppy collar.

So, I hope this is the start of Pepper being well.  Including a photo we took the first night she was home.

Any bets on how much sleep I get tonight?

Later – H

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