Custom dog food container lid

Well, I did this a few of weeks ago (before Pepper the puppy got sick).  Here is the custom lid I made for a large popcorn container I had sitting in the garage (the other one contains bird seed so I didn’t want to get them confused).  All it took was time, sandpaper, spray paint and craft paint.


Pinterest projects

I have stated before that Pinterest can be addicting.  So, I figured I would start posting pins (recipes, crafts, etc) at least one idea a week stating whether it worked out for me.

So, the first project is Baked Fried Chicken that is a ‘KFC type’ chicken that is REALLY good!  The original post is from    (look under recipes)

Since I mostly cook gluten-free I had to make some minor changes (changed the wheat flour to gluten-free) and since I didn’t have any ‘Season All’ so I had to find a copycat recipe and make the spice mixture (minus the curry since I didn’t have any).

If you try it out let me know what you think.

Later – H

Walgreens new reward card and other topics

Note:  I just updated the page with the photos of Pepper.   For some reason it doesn’t appear this posted to Facebook either.

Multiple topics:

1) Walgreens is starting a new Rewards Program and if you use my link when you sign up I will get extra entries to win bonus points.  Sign up now online and you could also win bonus points.

2) Since I have been asked for updated photos of Pepper (Golden Retriever puppy), I am making a permanent page (under About) that I will add new photos to as she gets bigger.  I will post the latest photos later today.  I am happy to say she gained a little weight and is getting more energy every day.

3) Menu planning – I have been starting a list of the main dishes we like to eat.  I thought we didn’t have many, but boy I am surprised how big the list is (we do get in ruts though – maybe this will help us not eat the same food so often).  When I get my project done I will show what I am doing.

Later – H

Printable coupons

I have always used coupons, but I figured it was time to get busy finding more ways to get coupons other than the local paper.

So, today I created a permanent page that contains the places I have found to print coupons from home.


Note:  most of the sites post new coupons at the beginning of each month.

I will update the page as I find new sites.

Later – H