Do you ever say ‘Well, Duh’?

I have been trying to organize our ‘office area’ (part of the great room) without spending a lot of money.  I saw a post on Pinterest the other night that said they used horizontal paper organizers for organizing their first aid supplies.  Well, I went to bed that night and realized that I saw paper organizers at the local thrift store AND they would work to organize the paper for the printer (put them below the printer) – well, duh.  So, I picked up three (two are made to stack together) for $3.00, cleaned them up and put the double stack below the printer.  It now has a stack of plain white paper and another stack of special paper – card stock, bright colored, etc.   Now the family members won’t have a problem finding paper when the printer runs out.  I will work on another section tomorrow.

1 thought on “Do you ever say ‘Well, Duh’?

  1. Brilliant solution. Love that you were able to find what you needed at the thrift store, seems more fun when that happens. I also hope, the refilling of the printer works. I am not sure that here, even if the paper were right there, that anyone would bother to fill the printer but me 🙂

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. It was greatly appreciated.


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