Custom dog food container lid

Well, I did this a few of weeks ago (before Pepper the puppy got sick).  Here is the custom lid I made for a large popcorn container I had sitting in the garage (the other one contains bird seed so I didn’t want to get them confused).  All it took was time, sandpaper, spray paint and craft paint.


2 thoughts on “Custom dog food container lid

    • Hi, Amy. I made a permanent page under ‘About’ of Pepper photos as she gets older. She is an AKC Golden Retriever (mom weighs about 65 lbs / dad about 70 lbs). She was treated for Parvo for 8 days (which is weird since no other dogs – litters, adults or rescue dogs) were/are sick at the breeder (she even called the owners of Pepper brother and sister) – I found out after the fact that breeders vet wouldn’t say if Pepper would make it until the end. She now is 11 weeks old and weighed 7.2 lbs this morning. She goes to the local vet tomorrow so we will see what he says. -H


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