Thrift Store bargains

Do you ever have ‘well laid’ plans and they all go out the window?  Well, the last couple of weeks I have been in ‘catch up mode’ and I can’t believe it is already the second week of October.  So, I figured I would start by showing some of the bargains I found at the local Thrift Stores/church Rummage Sales recently.

a)      Animal Crate: Since Pepper came home from the breeder (after being so sick) she had been sleeping in a small crate (that we borrowed from the breeder) in her kennel area.  I found a ‘large’ almost new crate for $30.  I have used it to take Pepper to the vet by myself and she is starting to go in it by herself – especially if there are treats in it 🙂

b)      Hanging metal container: I found a metal hanger for a locker that was Bright Pink but only $1.05!  But, after seeing posts by Amy from While Wearing Heels I realized that I could use black spray paint (after putting masking tape on the magnets) and find a use for it.  It is now part of my Menu Planner area that hangs on the refrigerator.  (See a future post for the Menu Planner.)

c)      Printer stand:   I found two interlocked paper files for $2 that I am using as a stand to store the paper for the printer.  One section has the plain regular paper and the other section has some of the special paper (colored, cardstock, photo, etc).  I was concerned about the printer weight on the stand, but it has been holding up for about a month so far.

d)     Note paper:  As a present to my mom I usually get small packages of colored computer paper from the Dollar Store and print a header on it so she can write letters.  At the thrift store I found a large box (about 200 sheets) of white note paper for $2 so I printed the header on half of it and gave her the box of paper.  She really liked it (sorry – no photos).

I hope this motivated you to go looking at items in Thrift Stores in a new light (before I never would have picked up a bright pink metal hanger).


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