Petco bargains

Since I am taking Pepper (the Golden Retriever puppy) to Puppy Training at Petco we went early on Monday to walk around the store.  There was a Clearance Rack by the front door so I checked it out.  There were several large, average chew Kong Dental toys marked at $12.00 and $9.00 each.  I didn’t know what the original price was, but I thought $9.00 was a deal since I had a $5.00 Pals Reward to spend.

After training I went and bought the Kong Dental toy and found out it was $1.50 + tax!   I was told they didn’t have time to remark the clearance prices.

So, on Wednesday I went into Petco again (by myself) to see if I could find at least another Kong toy.  Well, I found another Kong Dental marked as $9.00, a VIP Tuffy JR’s Red Bone toy marked as $8.00 AND they added the dog backpacks we had looked at last Friday night (by using one Pepper will be able to carry her own water and snacks on a hike).  The dog backpack was marked as $42.00, but I hoped it would scan for less.

So, here is everything I bought between both days:

(2) Large Kong Dental toys       originally   $18.99 each     scanned at $1.50 each

(1)   VIP Junior Red Bone toy   originally  $11.99           scanned at $1.00

(1)  Large dog backpack          originally  $49.99             scanned at $12.00

Total cost at the original price:    $99.96

Scanned price:    $16.00   (84% off the original price)

Minus $10.00 in Pal Rewards

Total I paid (plus tax):     $6.00    (actually paid 6% of the original price with my Pal Rewards plus tax)

That is the best deal I have gotten in a long time!

Lesson learned:  If there is something you want it pays to at least to get the item scanned to see if it the clearance price has changed.

So, I would love to hear about the bargains you find.  Later – H


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