Pepper (Golden Retriever) indoor bed

I was looking at a Pinterest idea (which was a link for a Simplicity pattern) to make a ‘tie’ fleece dog bed.  I bought a piece of fleece on sale at Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts with the plan to make a bed that tied all the way around.  Then I realized I had two old pillows in the garage (which would work as the stuffing if I sewed them together) and if I folded the material in half I would only have to tie three sides of the bed.  So, Pepper has a fleece bed that was easy to make, used some items I already had around the house and can be washed (I can untie the material, take it apart and wash it).   Actually, Pepper likes to pull on the ties so some of them are already untied 🙂  Also, Pepper likes to play with the bed (go under it, etc) so I am glad I didn’t buy her an expensive bed.  This one cost me under $10.00 to make and less than an hour of time.  Not bad.

Later – H


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