2013 – what will it bring?

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a great New Year.  I have been thinking about where I want this blog to head in 2013.  Right now I know it will continue to have DIY projects, recipes I find and like, Pinterest project, bargains I find and updates on Pepper the Golden Retriever Puppy, but I am trying to decide what else or if I should start another blog (that has some good and bad parts – especially remembering to make more posts).

So, for now I think I will continue with what I have been doing and maybe throw something new in once in a while.

On the subject of Pinterest I realized today that I like the looks of ‘old’ kitchens/pantries.  Our house is 20+ years old (built brand new) so it definitely doesn’t classify as ‘old’ in comparison to houses on the East Coast, but it is ready for some items to be updated.  So, I guess I need to figure out if there is a way I can pull some of the ‘old’ features into our ‘semi-new’ kitchen/laundry room (which also has our pantry).

Somethings I like are the sliding barn doors / library ladders for the pantries.  I wonder if there is a way I could change our bi-fold doors (which I am usually unlucky and leave open when husband wants to come into the house from the garage) to sliding ‘barn’ doors or something similar.  Anyone done something similar?

So, when I ever decide how I want to update our house (and actually do it) I will include the before and after photos also.

Later – H

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Since we had ‘summer like’ weather until the beginning of November Christmas sneaked up on me this year more than normal.  I may be behind (still working on Christmas presents, family photo not taken yet, the Christmas letter is still in my head, etc), but the tree is up and decorated, we have been eating off the Christmas dishes for a few weeks and the presents we bought are wrapped so I think All Is Good.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and enjoys some time with family and friends.

By the beginning of the New Year I hope to have at least a couple of posts made – especially photos of Pepper since she has definitely changed in the last month+ – she is now dark in color and is finally gaining fur back (I learned that dark Golden Retrievers lose all of their blonde puppy fur – in her case in a week AND then their skin goes darker and they start growing their dark hair).

Now to get back to working on Christmas presents (I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel).

Later – H

My thoughts…..

I realized the other day that I hadn’t made a post in a while (had computer/photo issues), but with everything that has gone on in the world in the last few weeks (Portland, Oregon shooting and now Connecticut) I realized it has not been as important to me.  Some bloggers are taking a day of silence, but I figured it was better to post this.

I may live in a smallish area of Nevada, but these events even affect me:

a) I have a friend that lives in the Portland area.  My first prayer was that she and her family were OK (besides the other family of friends I know that live up there) – luckily all are OK.

b) I just heard that one of the families affected in Connecticut works for a company that is also in our valley.

c) Besides being a mom and a Sunday School teacher we have multiple family members that are teachers, etc.  One even was a principal at an elementary school and one is currently a elementary school teacher.   Besides my heart breaking for the families of the victims, my heart breaks for the survivors and even the family of the gunmen.  I remember when 9/11 happened and wondered how to talk to our young daughter about it – this would even be harder.  I do not hope we forget that these events happened, but I hope we (as a country) learn from them.

d) Even yesterday I struggled with the idea of going to a big inside mall in Reno.  I know that the odds were low that something bad would happen, but between the crowds and that concern I decided to do my shopping elsewhere.  Maybe in a few months it will not be one of the first things I think about when I go to a mall.

Even in my lifetime I have seen how people (in general) have changed: less respect for life (their own or others), a lot more of ‘me-ism’ (nothing matters, but what I want/feel).  I also believe there are lot people that need help and are not getting it.

So, I keep asking myself how can I help.  Right now I don’t have all the answers, but I will be donating the local fund that was started for the one family and continually trying to care more about others than myself.

– H