Walmart – never say never

Our small area just got a Walmart.  Am I thrilled, excited and couldn’t wait for it to open? No, but I have realized that there are at least a few departments that might have items I need that the local stores don’t carry.

There was an article in our paper about the Walmart opening and it stated it had a fabric department.  I currently need some black cord elastic for a project and the local quilt stores don’t carry it.  Last time I was in Michael’s (in the next town 30 minutes away, but already going there) they only had white so I didn’t buy any.  My other choices are to wait until I am in that town again (30 minutes away) and go to JoAnn’s Fabric OR I could check to see if the local (less than 10 minutes away) Walmart has it.

So, on Monday morning I will check out the Walmart and hope they have what I need to finish my project.

From a grocery stand point I will continue to go to the local chains (one even operated by a family in Nevada) and shop their sale ads, use coupons (which get doubled) and interact with the friendly employees.

Right now Walmart’s parking lot is insane.  I guess we will see if the novelty wears off in a month, but I would hate to deal with the crowds in the store and at the cashiers to go shopping at Walmart especially in the evening or on the weekend right now.

So, I hope having the Walmart in our area doesn’t hurt the current businesses and it is a welcome addition to town.  We will see.

Later – H

Brrrr and Pinterest Project that does not work for us

Hi, from FREEZING Nevada.  We have had highs that are below 32 degrees weather almost daily since before Christmas (the high today was actually 37 degrees today so it is ‘warm’).  Due to this our snow/ice is not melting.  We usually have snow for a few days and then the sun comes out and it all melts before it snows again, but not this year.  So, I decided to make a project I saw on Pinterest – a tray with rocks in it that we could put our boots on so I don’t keep finding melting snow on the laundry room floor with my socks 🙂

Well, the project itself was easy since I used a large baking pan we had sitting in the garage and pulled some small rocks out of our landscaping in the backyard.

The part that did not work was that Pepper decided to STEAL the rocks!  We heard weird noises from the laundry room and found her in there (with some ‘loose’ rocks on the floor in front of her) so I moved the tray to by the front door area and she immediately went over and pulled out a rock.  So, for now the tray is sitting outside the front door, but it is too cold to take our boots off out there (and they would never dry since it isn’t getting warm enough).

Oh, well.  Time to come up with another idea to try.  Maybe this idea will work when Pepper gets older (and hopefully stops chewing on rocks).

I debated whether to make a ‘dog shaming’ photo of Pepper with her rocks, but I don’t want encourage the rock stealing so you will have to just image her face when we caught her with the ‘loose’ rocks.

Later – H

Elm Creek Quilts book series by Jennifer Chiaverini

Do you like nice books with good story lines and/or quilting?  Well, I stumbled upon ‘The Giving Quilt’ and a book of Project Linus quilt patterns (both at the library) and am now hooked on the series by Jennifer Chiaverini.

The last book I finished was The Aloha Quilt.

    (Photo from

I liked this book the best so far and already plan on rereading it (once I have finished the rest in the series).  I loved the story, the setting (Maui) and a friend had just given me an unused Hawaiian Quilt patttern (named Anthurium).

Anthurium, Hawaiian, quilt


After reading the book I had to open the pattern and it is how they described as in the book – fold the material multiple times and then cut out 1/8th of the pattern (which goes through all layers of the material).


I have a big mental list of sewing (and other) projects for 2014, but after reading The Aloha Quilt the Hawaiian Pillow has come towards the top of the pile.

Which book series are you reading and would recommend?

Later – H

First Pinterest Project Failure

If you have been reading for a while you have heard I love to ‘pin’ ideas on Pinterest.  I have tried a few and they worked out great.  Well, there is always a first and this was a failure.  I found that Shout Color Catchers work great in the washer to collect the ‘loose’ dye.  Since they are not cheap I always use a coupon and cut them in half.  If the sheet comes out clean I will reuse in another load.  Well someone posted that you could put a Tablespoon of the dry washing soda into a cup of hot water until it dissolves and then soak pieces of white material/felt in it and it would work the same as the Shout Color Catchers.  Well, I tried it with a piece of white felt that I cut into smaller pieces.  I have now ran the pieces through at least five loads and all of them came out white (no change) – right piece in the photo.  The last load I added a piece of Shout Color Catcher to see if it would change color being inside the same load and it came out ‘colored’ – center piece in the photo.  (The piece on the left is a Shout Color Catcher that has never been used.)

picmonkey _color catcher failure

So, that idea was a failure in my eye.  I will go back to looking for Shout Color Catchers on sale and look for coupons.

Later – H

Handmade Diaper Bag

A young friend (former member of the 4H sewing group) is pregnant and due in the middle of January 2014.  After we made the microfleece baby blanket (a previous post) I offered to help her make a diaper bag since she did not get one at her baby shower.

We used the Simplicity 2924 pattern to make this.  When I do it again I know a few changes I will make to the pattern.

We first made a changing pad of the same material and then finally got the diaper bag finished in mid-December (after helping her make some presents).  The bag was a hit and now we are just waiting for the baby girl to arrive.

handmade diaper bag

What have you worked on lately?  – H

Looking for a savings spreadsheet?

Well, I didn’t create it, but I think I finally found one that is basic, but with enough details that I will actually use it for more than a month.     or search  for ‘2013 coupon savings tracker’

I loaded our local stores and then added one ‘store’ called Online so I can add up all those savings.  I already entered my savings from our order:  $5.51 from Clearance and $4.95 from Shipping (but to be honest I probably would not have bought the ID Pouch if I had to pay shipping).

I will give an update in February as to my savings to date and if I am still using it.   Now, to get my coupons organized so I save more at the stores.  This might get me more motivated to do that also.

Later – H

Need a new ID Pouch (for college ID, etc)?

Due to an email I just received from I found out that is having free shipping TODAY only (1 Jan 2013) on any size order.  So, I went looking and we found an ID Pouch (4.5 inches by 3 inches) for $3.99 (regular was $9.50).  The code for free shipping is FREESHIP.   So, for $3.99 + tax we are getting a new needed ID Pouch.

Hope you find a bargain also.

Later – H