Looking for a savings spreadsheet?

Well, I didn’t create it, but I think I finally found one that is basic, but with enough details that I will actually use it for more than a month.

http://tinyurl.com/aarynyr     or search HappyMoneysaver.com  for ‘2013 coupon savings tracker’

I loaded our local stores and then added one ‘store’ called Online so I can add up all those savings.  I already entered my savings from our pbteen.com order:  $5.51 from Clearance and $4.95 from Shipping (but to be honest I probably would not have bought the ID Pouch if I had to pay shipping).

I will give an update in February as to my savings to date and if I am still using it.   Now, to get my coupons organized so I save more at the stores.  This might get me more motivated to do that also.

Later – H

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