First Pinterest Project Failure

If you have been reading for a while you have heard I love to ‘pin’ ideas on Pinterest.  I have tried a few and they worked out great.  Well, there is always a first and this was a failure.  I found that Shout Color Catchers work great in the washer to collect the ‘loose’ dye.  Since they are not cheap I always use a coupon and cut them in half.  If the sheet comes out clean I will reuse in another load.  Well someone posted that you could put a Tablespoon of the dry washing soda into a cup of hot water until it dissolves and then soak pieces of white material/felt in it and it would work the same as the Shout Color Catchers.  Well, I tried it with a piece of white felt that I cut into smaller pieces.  I have now ran the pieces through at least five loads and all of them came out white (no change) – right piece in the photo.  The last load I added a piece of Shout Color Catcher to see if it would change color being inside the same load and it came out ‘colored’ – center piece in the photo.  (The piece on the left is a Shout Color Catcher that has never been used.)

picmonkey _color catcher failure

So, that idea was a failure in my eye.  I will go back to looking for Shout Color Catchers on sale and look for coupons.

Later – H


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