Elm Creek Quilts book series by Jennifer Chiaverini

Do you like nice books with good story lines and/or quilting?  Well, I stumbled upon ‘The Giving Quilt’ and a book of Project Linus quilt patterns (both at the library) and am now hooked on the series by Jennifer Chiaverini.

The last book I finished was The Aloha Quilt.

    (Photo from Amazon.com)

I liked this book the best so far and already plan on rereading it (once I have finished the rest in the series).  I loved the story, the setting (Maui) and a friend had just given me an unused Hawaiian Quilt patttern (named Anthurium).

Anthurium, Hawaiian, quilt


After reading the book I had to open the pattern and it is how they described as in the book – fold the material multiple times and then cut out 1/8th of the pattern (which goes through all layers of the material).


I have a big mental list of sewing (and other) projects for 2014, but after reading The Aloha Quilt the Hawaiian Pillow has come towards the top of the pile.

Which book series are you reading and would recommend?

Later – H

4 thoughts on “Elm Creek Quilts book series by Jennifer Chiaverini

  1. I’ve enjoyed paging through your blog. I love Jennifer’s books, and usually get them as Audio books to listen to while I sew. Presently I have the “Runaway Quilt” in my cd player in the car, and am listening to The Striker by Clive Cussler. I have the Aloha Quilt waiting in line . We are lucky as our library system can get boooks or audio materials from just about anywhere. Another blogger mentioned this week a book called The Last Runaway, by Tracy Chevalier. It is in the historical fiction category at my library. Another one of Jennifer’s books I loved was Mrs Lincoln’s Dressmaker.


    • Thanks for your comments. I usually try to read for a few minutes before bed so I don’t need anything to intense. I am now reading books by Clare O’Donohue. I first read ‘The Lover’s Knot’ and am now reading ‘A Drunkard’s Path’ (definitely suggest you read them in the order she wrote them or somethings will not make sense). These books come in Large Print which does come in handy when your eyes are tired.


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