Brrrr and Pinterest Project that does not work for us

Hi, from FREEZING Nevada.  We have had highs that are below 32 degrees weather almost daily since before Christmas (the high today was actually 37 degrees today so it is ‘warm’).  Due to this our snow/ice is not melting.  We usually have snow for a few days and then the sun comes out and it all melts before it snows again, but not this year.  So, I decided to make a project I saw on Pinterest – a tray with rocks in it that we could put our boots on so I don’t keep finding melting snow on the laundry room floor with my socks 🙂

Well, the project itself was easy since I used a large baking pan we had sitting in the garage and pulled some small rocks out of our landscaping in the backyard.

The part that did not work was that Pepper decided to STEAL the rocks!  We heard weird noises from the laundry room and found her in there (with some ‘loose’ rocks on the floor in front of her) so I moved the tray to by the front door area and she immediately went over and pulled out a rock.  So, for now the tray is sitting outside the front door, but it is too cold to take our boots off out there (and they would never dry since it isn’t getting warm enough).

Oh, well.  Time to come up with another idea to try.  Maybe this idea will work when Pepper gets older (and hopefully stops chewing on rocks).

I debated whether to make a ‘dog shaming’ photo of Pepper with her rocks, but I don’t want encourage the rock stealing so you will have to just image her face when we caught her with the ‘loose’ rocks.

Later – H


3 thoughts on “Brrrr and Pinterest Project that does not work for us

  1. Could you glue the rocks down? Talk about a peeved pooch, lol. You must be near Reno. Our family back home (in that area) is talking about coming down next weekend for some refreshing 70 degree sunshine (we’re in Phoenix). Best of luck with the snow, and tell the freezing weather hi 😉


  2. In our sun/mudroom, we use a couple of drip pans from the auto parts store for wet boots. They are largish (maybe 2′ x 3-1/2′), but we have a lot of boots… These are galvanized steel, made by Blitz, and last close to forever. No rocks, but when our Border Collie was a pup, she’d re-arrange the boots.

    The Lab cross has been leaving toys in odd places–we got a bone in the bathroom, and she sneaked a daytime toy into her crate.

    Our snow is starting to melt! Yay!


    • Just got a measuring tape out: The drip pans are 25″ x 36″ with a small lip to keep stuff in. I think they work well in our mudroom, but we wouldn’t want to use them in the main house.


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