Walmart – never say never

Our small area just got a Walmart.  Am I thrilled, excited and couldn’t wait for it to open? No, but I have realized that there are at least a few departments that might have items I need that the local stores don’t carry.

There was an article in our paper about the Walmart opening and it stated it had a fabric department.  I currently need some black cord elastic for a project and the local quilt stores don’t carry it.  Last time I was in Michael’s (in the next town 30 minutes away, but already going there) they only had white so I didn’t buy any.  My other choices are to wait until I am in that town again (30 minutes away) and go to JoAnn’s Fabric OR I could check to see if the local (less than 10 minutes away) Walmart has it.

So, on Monday morning I will check out the Walmart and hope they have what I need to finish my project.

From a grocery stand point I will continue to go to the local chains (one even operated by a family in Nevada) and shop their sale ads, use coupons (which get doubled) and interact with the friendly employees.

Right now Walmart’s parking lot is insane.  I guess we will see if the novelty wears off in a month, but I would hate to deal with the crowds in the store and at the cashiers to go shopping at Walmart especially in the evening or on the weekend right now.

So, I hope having the Walmart in our area doesn’t hurt the current businesses and it is a welcome addition to town.  We will see.

Later – H

5 thoughts on “Walmart – never say never

  1. Our local Walmart (also smallish area) seems to be crazy in the parking lot most days, ranging from moderate to OMG. Julie hates to go there, and I’ll go there rarely. However, I’ve found them close to unbeatable for a few items like toothpaste (basic Aquafresh in 8 oz tubes) and automotive batteries. The latter are on the quiet side of the store, with that part of the lot quieter than at the normal auto parts store we use.

    Quality varies, as does price. The Kroger affiliate (Fred Meyer offers one-stop-shopping) is frequently competitive, especially with the rewards card.


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