Happy Valentine’s Day!

Can you believe it is already mid-February?  I can’t.  Our weather has even warmed up at least for the next few days.

I have a pile (10+) of draft posts, but I can’t believe I haven’t got them and the photos together so I could post them.  Getting these posts done is one of my projects for this month.

Well, here is a project I worked on this morning so we will start with this.  Yesterday I made a stop at the Salvation Army thrift store in the next town.  I came home with a Thread Spool organizer (which can hold 72 spools! and it even had 5 new spools of thread inside) for $1.99.  As soon as I opened it I could see why someone would get rid of it – the spools came off the posts as soon as you put it up on end or tried to close it.  Well, I realized by using my Engineering skills and supplies I had around the house I could make this work a whole lot better than my old way of holding my spools of thread:

nails on boards

thread organizer modified thread organizer as received



Yup – nails on boards which didn’t keep the thread protected from the dust, etc.





So, to fix the problem I used a piece of plastic canvas I had sitting around and some small ponytail holders I had and made removable covers that stay in place when the unit is closed.


My fix is so much better than the way it arrived.


I am so happy to now have a place for my thread and a blog post that is completed 🙂

Hope you all have some fun with friends and family today.

Later – H





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