January and February 2013 Thrift Store bargains

My extended family used to have an unofficial ‘bargain of the month’ contest.  We haven’t announced our bargains for a while, but I think I am winning 🙂

I have decided this year I can’t go to a thrift store unless I have dropped off at least one bag as a donation that month (hopefully that way more unneeded items leave the house than needed items coming in).

  • Between January and February I made three trips to a thrift store and bought a few items:
  1. like-new red leather belt for $0.50,
  2. a two drawer card file for $5.00 which I am going to use to store trim and small pieces of lace,
  3. a new slip that still had the tags for $2.99,
  4. a book of wall hanging quilt patterns for $0.25
  5. a new ‘hot pink’ purse organizer for $2.00 (which was greatly needed since my current purse is black inside and I was constantly losing my keys inside my purse!). 

belt drawer collage






So, what bargains have you found lately?      Later – H

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