Sewing Retreat and Pepper

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while.  I have a bunch (over 10 and counting) of posts to get done, but figured I would start with a new one first.  Dana – thanks for the nudge 🙂

Last weekend I had the chance to go to a multiple day Sewing Retreat in Virginia City, NV.  One of the projects I brought with me was a Rag Quilt that was completely cut out and given to me by the local Quilt Guild – all I needed to do was sew it together and then trim the edges to give the ‘rag’ affect after it is washed.  I think it turned out pretty good.


This quilt will be given back to the Quilt Guild so it can be given to someone in the community.  I was able to spend a few days with some long-time friends and meet some new friends.  Now to decide if I want to join the Sewing Guild that meets in Reno…

I sewed on a few other projects, but none of them are finished yet.  I will post them when they are done.

As a side note you get to see 9 month old Pepper the ‘red’ Golden Retriever.  I found out today that when I wanted a photo of just the quilt she decided she wanted to be in it, BUT if I just try to take a photo of her she turns away, etc.  I guess I will have to act like I am taking a photo of something else to get photos of her from now on.

So, what projects have you been working on lately?  One of the bloggers I follow has been trying to finish three UFOs (unfinished objects) monthly.  I start with that intent, but lately I have been adding way more projects that I have been finishing.  Time to make a list and try to stick to it.

– H


2 thoughts on “Sewing Retreat and Pepper

  1. The quilt is beautiful, but what a gorgeous girl Pepper’s becoming! She looks like such a sweetheart!



  2. Super cute rag quilt!!! Love the colors!!! Pepper is looking so cute and so big too!! She is adorable!!!! I finished a bandana blanket today. A friend of mine had a baby and I finally got it finished this afternoon!!! Better late than never!!!!


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