Garage sale season!

Well, you wouldn’t know that earlier this week it was snowing by today’s weather (about 70 degrees F).  One of the local churches had their Spring (smaller) Rummage Sale on Friday and Saturday morning (their big one will be at the end of Summer).  We went Saturday morning and everything that could fit in a bag cost $1.00.

We ended up buying three bags ($3.00) and we got about 60 items which works out to about $0.05 each item and a can of nails equals one item!  We got some clothes, books, household/garage items, four like new belts (I thought buying one at the thrift store for $0.50 was a good deal, but this was way better), craft items, and a new bright yellow baseball for Pepper (Golden Retriever puppy), etc.

Pepper first wasn’t sure about the ball since I think it smelt like someone else.  But after I gave it a good washing she has been carrying it around the house and dropping it with a ‘thunk’ tonight.  We will have to see if she will chase/retrieve it in the backyard tomorrow.

So, we will have to see what other deals we find this summer.

What deals have you found lately? – H


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