Repairing a braided kitchen rug

Golden Retriever; braided rug; sewing

We have had a braided rug in our kitchen (in front of our counter that we do most of the standing) for a long time.  Well, it has been starting to fall apart (the clear thread has been breaking, etc) for a while, BUT Pepper (the 9 month old Golden Retriever puppy) has decided recently to ‘help’ it fall apart.


So, I decided to sew it back together (and then I will take it to the laundry mat so it is clean).

What I used:

-Heavy Duty Mattress/seat ‘curved’ needle

-Coats Extra Strong Upholstery Thread  (much stronger than invisible thread/fishing line)


The curved needle made this job a lot easier than I expected.

It still took some time since almost every time I sat on the floor to work on it Pepper decided she wanted to sit on me or the rug.

sewing, braided rugThe rug is finished and the thread blends into the rug so you can’t see it unless you are looking for them.

Yeah – Another item off my To Do List.

What project have you finished lately? – H


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