Rummage Sale shopping

Before we left on vacation (you probably didn’t know I was gone since I scheduled some posts – maybe I should do a better job at that) we hit a local church Rummage Sale for a couple of specific items:  our goal was a few more dinner/side plates and one or two desk type lamps for the daughter.

Note to self:  When you have a specific list you definitely get out faster and you can make sure you can carry everything to the car without a problem.

We got the two desk lamps for $12.00 total (one even came with a shade) and five dinner/side plates for $1.50.

bargain, rummage sale

This metal lamp even came with its shade.  This lamp was $7.00 and works great.

bargain, rummage sale

The teal lamp was  $5.00 and works great, but didn’t come with a shade.  Since we what a lot of light (down and up) we picked out this shade which I think was $14.00.

So, what bargains have you found recently?

Later – H

Starting a ‘New Year’

I don’t know about everyone else, but the last few months have been CRAZY in my household.

I read this post on Romana Dishes (blog):

Where she thinks of the beginning of the school year as the second ‘new year’.  Right now I am more than willing to start a ‘New Year’.

Want to join me in a toast (with my cold glass of apple cider) to the ‘new year’?  Here’s to the next four months be calmer so I can be more focused on what is really important.

Later – H