Rummage Sale shopping

Before we left on vacation (you probably didn’t know I was gone since I scheduled some posts – maybe I should do a better job at that) we hit a local church Rummage Sale for a couple of specific items:  our goal was a few more dinner/side plates and one or two desk type lamps for the daughter.

Note to self:  When you have a specific list you definitely get out faster and you can make sure you can carry everything to the car without a problem.

We got the two desk lamps for $12.00 total (one even came with a shade) and five dinner/side plates for $1.50.

bargain, rummage sale

This metal lamp even came with its shade.  This lamp was $7.00 and works great.

bargain, rummage sale

The teal lamp was  $5.00 and works great, but didn’t come with a shade.  Since we what a lot of light (down and up) we picked out this shade which I think was $14.00.

So, what bargains have you found recently?

Later – H


1 thought on “Rummage Sale shopping

  1. Nice finds! Had a similar experience a month ago where we had bar stools on our list. One Saturday morning, we decided to go garage sale shopping when the hubs came in from taking the dog out to potty, saying, “the family down the street has 2 bar stools for sale!” Out we popped and bagged 2 like-new bar stools for $10 each. 😀 We didn’t even have to go far from home. Whee!


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