Missing in action

It is possible that you have wondered if I have quit blogging.

Well, no, but life has definitely gotten in the way the last few months.   (I think I did better at scheduling posts while we were on vacation than the rest of the time.)

To let you know I have about 20 drafts written (which need a photo or something to finish) and more ideas in my head so I haven’t ran out of ideas – just been dealing with the rest of life instead.

So, since I enjoy this I will try to get a post out every three weeks at least until the end of the year.  By then I hope the roller coaster called life calms down….

If you have any wishes for posts please leave a comment.  Oh, and if you see that your comment has been modified (full name removed, etc) that is since I take your (and my) privacy serious.  I have figured out how to edit comments / names instead of just not posting them.

Later – H

Grass fed beef – Maui

Do you eat grass fed beef?  Have you ever tried it?  When we stayed in Hana, Maui for a few days on vacation we took most of the food we thought we would eat with us (no, not from home, but went to the Safeway near the airport).

We decided we would go out to eat, etc in Hana at least once.  Well, the Hana Ranch Store had some Hawaiian made Chocolate Macadamia Nut ice cream so we picked up that (who could resist?) and we decided to pick up a package of Grass fed hamburger (from a ranch on Maui).  Our choices were really the grass fed hamburger or small steaks (hey, it is a small town).

All we had in our condo was Kirkland Sea Salt (which was completely caked over – what humidity will do for you) and pepper.  My first thought was I hope the hamburger had a good flavor since there wasn’t much we could do to improve it.

We were pleasantly shocked at how good the hamburger tasted!  Since we are now home and live in area with cows I am seriously thinking of looking for some grass fed beef to see if it tastes as good.

Otherwise, I will have another reason to hope to visit Hawaii more often 🙂

Later – H