sad news and Did you really get a good deal?

Do you remember when I posted earlier this year that Walmart had come to our smallish town?  Well, the only Nevada owned and operated grocery store announced yesterday that they are closing the store in town.  Am I happy?  No, since I have shopped there regularly for the last 20+ years.  It used to be the closest grocery store to my house, but now I have a Walmart that I have to drive by to get to town.  Oh, well.  Now I will have to decide which of the other non-Walmart stores I will go to more starting in December.

I started the lower section of this post before I heard about my normal grocery store closing.  I saw this blog post on a few weeks ago:

I realized I couldn’t even attempt to write a similar article since I don’t usually shop at Walmart or Winco, but I thought Karrie of Happy Money Saver did a really good job of pointing out that we all are responsible for making sure we are getting a good deal (and not just assume).

And when I say that I am not just talking about prepackaged meat.  For example – when is the last time you have figured out how much you were actually paying for an item (per ounce, etc) versus just picking up the ‘usual’ when you go to the store?

I had planned on making a written (versus by memory) price book so I could tell when a store has a super deal on a product so I can stock up at that time.  I guess it is time to start working on it.

Later – H

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