Microfleece baby blanket

One of my former 4-H sewing members (she aged out) is now an adult friend.  She is pregnant and I was asked to help her make a baby blanket.  She bought and cut out the microfleece squares ahead of time.

When she brought them over I asked if she wanted to make a Rag Quilt out of it (in the past I usually made them out of flannel), but since the baby is due in January this will be warm and extra soft and she agreed.  So, we basted two layers of each square together, sewed them so the ‘seam’ was on top.  Then we used small scissors to clip the fringe.

soft, baby, blanket, microfleece

The finished blanket was a hit!

After the baby is born we will embroider her name onto the blanket.

What have you worked on lately?  Later – H

Christmas Elf on a Shelf – do you do it?

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  And since Christmas is now over I feel I can ask this:  Does your family do the ‘Elf on a Shelf’?

There are a couple of blogs that have been posting everything their Elf has been doing around the house and to be honest I don’t get it.  Maybe it is since the daughter is in College, but even if we had little ones (other than Pepper the Golden Retriever) I don’t think we would do it.

So, I am curious: Would you do Elf on the Shelf??


Later – H

Pepper (golden retriever) is 17 months old

Pepper the ‘red’ Golden Retriever is now 17 months old.

Pepper, golden retriever

She went for her vet checkup in October.  The vet was very happy with her weight – 60.3 lbs.  So, she might be one of the smallest Golden Retrievers (I got my wish for one on the smaller side).  I just checked and the average Golden Retriever weights between 65 and 75 lbs.  Porsche, our first Golden Retriever that my husband bought me for our first Christmas (years ago) got to be over 90 lbs at one time so I am definitely happy with the size of Pepper.

I also asked about whether he thought Pepper would grow much hair for winter (her kennel is still in our garage).  He figures Pepper will always have a light coat (good in the sense she won’t have as much hair to shed, bad that she will get cold sleeping outside).  So, I am guessing my car will be staying outside all of this winter (unless I can convince her to sleep in the Crate in the Laundry room – will let you know if that works out).

Later – H

Credit cards at Target and FTC website

I am assuming that everyone that reads this heard about Target and potentially the credit and debit cards that were used on Black Friday until 15 December 2013 have been hacked.

An email I received from the FTC websites says ALL credit and debit cards used were potentially affected.


And, everyone should review their statements in the future to watch for suspicious charges.

The law requires the three nationwide consumer reporting companies — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion — to give you a free copy of your credit report every 12 months if you ask for it. To get your report, visitAnnualCreditReport.com or call 1-877-322-8228.

Later – H

Countdown to Christmas

So, are you surviving the pre-Christmas season?  So far I haven’t got sick (yeah!) – which was a yearly tradition for quite a few years.

We have had snow on the ground for about two weeks so far (which is unusual).  The Christmas tree is up and decorated and the Christmas dishes are being used.

This year I am only making a few presents, actually working on Christmas cards and they will be mailed before Christmas (for a long time we sent New Year’s letters) and have already enjoyed a Fall Concert (free even).

The last couple of months I have also spent many hours helping with http://hallelujahtoffee.org/     – Making toffee (I am known as the ‘nut lady’) and even selling it one Very COLD evening (the weather said it was about 20 degrees F, but there was snow on the ground and a slight wind and it felt a lot colder than that).

Next week we have a Christmas party and the daughter will be home from college for Christmas break!  Life is good.

So, if I don’t post before then I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy the season.

– H