Daffodil Hill, CA and another cool book

In March we went away for an extended weekend in Northern California.  Our first stop was Daffodil Hill, CA (near Sutter Creek, CA) – it happened to be opening weekend.

daffodil, vacation

Daffodil Hill, CA


It is free to go to Daffodil Hill, but they do have donation boxes out.  We walked around for a while taking photos (along with lots of other people) and then enjoyed lunch across the street (a service organization was serving it) before heading on our way.



Now about another cool (photo) book.

The Most Beautiful Villages and Towns of California     by Joan Tapper  (2007)

The husband picked up the above book at the library.  Considering we have lived our entire lives in or near Northern California I didn’t think I would really look at this book.  But, when I saw the cover and realized I didn’t know what town it was (turns out it was Sutter Creek, CA which is near Daffodil Hill) I figured I would at least flip through the book.

The book talked about many small towns in California .  It was amazing to realize that we had been through (or investigated) many of the towns (at least the ones near the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California).

What new photo books have you checked out lately?

Later – H

Gluten-free Carrot Cake Cupcakes….

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.  We were supposed to go out of town to visit family, but the family is sick.  So, we decided to stay home.

Yesterday we went to Costco and they had their (wheat) Carrot Cake Cupcakes on sale.  They looked so good!  I didn’t pick any up, but I did come home and decided to make some Gluten-free ones.  Not sure if mine cost less, but I at least was able to control all of the ingredients that went into them.

This is the link to the recipe I used:


Oh, and by the way I added a page that lists other people’s gluten-free recipes that I have tried and liked.  This is partly so I don’t have to keep finding the recipe and to give you some help also.  Your welcome.

Later – H



Life hint – random expenses

Assuming you have a budget (doesn’t everyone?) does it include the Random Expenses?

I saw this blog post on Daveramsey.com the other day: ‘Outsmart these 10 overlooked expenses’



and realized I didn’t even have all of these written down (Costco membership and HVAC inspection).

So, I guess I will be going through our budget to see what other random (on at least not often) expenses I need to add.

What random expense have you not been budgeting for?

Later – H

Life hint – dollar store deals

Hi.  I figured I hadn’t posted in a while (sorry, life has been busy) and almost every post I have in the queue requires a photo or something to finish it.

So, instead I decided to start randomly writing ‘Life hints’.  You are probably wondering what I mean by a ‘Life hint’.  Well, our daughter is in college and we have some other friends that ask my how I find my deals, etc.  I figured it was time to write some of them down.  (I will figure out how to make a page to list them, but that will be another day.)

So, today is the topic of the local dollar store.  If you know me I rarely go into a dollar store, but there are some products that I look at /buy when I do go in.

So, here are the ones I recently purchased:

– Toothbrushes:  I haven’t been able to find many (if any) coupons on manual toothbrushes lately and my local store that doubled coupons closed last fall (still sad about that).  So, I was very happy when I found Name Brand toothbrushes (3 to a pack) for $1.00.  Score!  A couple of those went in my hand basket.

– Greeting Cards:  Our local dollar store has greeting cards 2 for $1.00.  I was able to find some I liked and needed in the next couple of months – Easter, Thank You, Birthday, etc.

Spray Starch – Someone in the local Quilt Guild suggested I buy the cans of Spray Starch so I could starch the material before I cut it out.  For $1.00 a can I bought a couple and they worked just fine.

So, what are your favorite products at the dollar store?

Later – H