Life hint – dollar store deals

Hi.  I figured I hadn’t posted in a while (sorry, life has been busy) and almost every post I have in the queue requires a photo or something to finish it.

So, instead I decided to start randomly writing ‘Life hints’.  You are probably wondering what I mean by a ‘Life hint’.  Well, our daughter is in college and we have some other friends that ask my how I find my deals, etc.  I figured it was time to write some of them down.  (I will figure out how to make a page to list them, but that will be another day.)

So, today is the topic of the local dollar store.  If you know me I rarely go into a dollar store, but there are some products that I look at /buy when I do go in.

So, here are the ones I recently purchased:

– Toothbrushes:  I haven’t been able to find many (if any) coupons on manual toothbrushes lately and my local store that doubled coupons closed last fall (still sad about that).  So, I was very happy when I found Name Brand toothbrushes (3 to a pack) for $1.00.  Score!  A couple of those went in my hand basket.

– Greeting Cards:  Our local dollar store has greeting cards 2 for $1.00.  I was able to find some I liked and needed in the next couple of months – Easter, Thank You, Birthday, etc.

Spray Starch – Someone in the local Quilt Guild suggested I buy the cans of Spray Starch so I could starch the material before I cut it out.  For $1.00 a can I bought a couple and they worked just fine.

So, what are your favorite products at the dollar store?

Later – H


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