Pioneer Telephone

Note: This is not a sponsored post – I just like the company (and a good deal).

I know most people use their cell phone for long distance (and that some people have even removed their land line), but it is not possible for us.  I do use the cell phone for long distance, but that is only when I am away from the house since we get rotten (cell phone calling) coverage at the house.  I was very happy when I could start texting people.

A few years ago we removed the long distance on our land line phone and started using the calling cards you could (at that time) find at Costco (2.9 cents per minute).  They worked great, but you had to dial the 1-800 number and then the pass code, etc.  So, it is definitely not as quick as just picking up the phone.  (Now it appears that Costco doesn’t even carry the calling cards.)

So, extended family members had signed up for Pioneer Telephone in the past so to be safe I signed up for them recently.  This way if someone picks up the phone and makes a call anywhere outside the local area (out of state and within the state) we will be charged a lower rate than we would be if we don’t have any long distance service on the phone number.  And, we are not charged anything if we don’t just pick up the phone and dial long distance.

So, if you or your extended family need a reliable long distance (in state and/or out of state) company then check into Pioneer Telephone.

Until later – H


5 months??

Starting in about January, I have been thinking about what I wanted to post on the blog next.

I just logged into the blog for the first time in a while.  I was surprised that I remembered the password, but how in the world has it been five months since I last posted??!!??

Oh, boy.

I guess if I think how long ago Thanksgiving and Christmas was (with no blog posts) it could be possible.  I promise the next post will be sooner than five months.

Now… to determine what photos I need to get off my phone, etc so I can write a post.

Until next time   – H