How did that get posted?

So, if you were surprised to see me write a post you were not the only one. I was surprised when the last one about Trim Healthy Mama got posted….

Then I realized that I had written it about 4 or 5 years ago and must have moved it out of draft and put a date Way Out There Date so I could decide whether to post it or push it out again. Well, the Way Out There Date came and gone and it auto posted. I haven’t looked at the blog for months.

I have to admit that I still think Trim Healthy Mama makes sense and I have a couple of the cookbooks, but I have been very randomly cooking that way. Life and family desires have gotten in the way.

The weird part is that on Tuesday I was talking to a friend and saying that I wanted to add more Trim Healthy Mama recipes to our menu so it was actually a nice reminder to read how I was eating at that time

I also have realized that I am allergic to ragweed, which is related to stevia, so I have been having a hard time finding a sweetener that I want to use.

Have you tried Wholesome Allulose Granulated? If so, leave a comment since I have heard about it, but haven’t tried it yet.


Weight loss & Trim Healthy Mama

Earlier on the blog I said I had lost some weight.  I wish had I taken measurements before I started, but I forgot.  I can tell you that I have gone down one to two pant sizes and even had to remodel some of my shirts smaller.  A few grocery bags worth of clothes were donated since I couldn’t easily make them smaller.

I have had a few people ask me how I have done it and the big answer (which won’t be popular) is I have greatly cut down on the number of carbs I eat (sugar including from fruit, flour, etc).  I haven’t lost as many pounds on the scale as I would like, but I have definitely tightened up my body.

One thing I am trying to follow is Trim Healthy Mama – have you heard of it?  Recently I made the Tuscan Cream Chicken from the Trim Healthy Table cookbook (page 72) without the sun-dried tomatoes, but with extra spinach and it was a hit with my family.  My family ate rice with the dish and all of us ate steamed Zucchini as a side (our Zucchini plants have abruptly decided it is time to provide a zucchini a day).

One of Trim Healthy Mama’s main points is to eat non-starchy vegetables so we have been eating a lot of lettuce, spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, green beans and even cauliflower, which I have mostly eaten as ‘cauli rice’ or as a pizza crust.

What I have greatly cut back on are the baby carrots  and fruit.  I used to eat at least baby carrots and  fruit every day at lunch – not anymore!

Another thing I realize is I feel a lot better if I eat at least a little protein at every meal so that is something I do every day.

I have also realized that one diet plan doesn’t work for everyone and Trim Healthy Mama doesn’t remove any food group, but you try to eat the healthier version of a food group and to mix up the meals.

Summer eating has been a little harder, but I have only gained a couple of pounds back at this time and my current clothes still fit me.  My goal is to go back to meal planning and get back to the low carb meals, at least for me, and rice, etc that can be added to the rest of the families meals.

What meal plan have you been eating lately?  Later – Heather