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I currently am a Stay at Home Mom to a seven year old Golden Retriever.

I can say that I am busier now than when I worked full-time. Now I have time to exercise more consistently, take a Bible Study Class, be a 4-H leader, join the local Quilt Guild, work on projects that have only been dreams before, and have time to be available to help my immediate and extended family when needed.

I am thinking it is getting close to the point where I will drop some of the things I am doing and this blog might end up being one of them.  I just don’t have the desire or time to spend the required time on it.

We will see.  As of now, I will wait until June to make a decision.  If I don’t post anything by  then then that maybe the point when I delete the blog.



8 thoughts on “About me and contact

  1. I just read your post about washing machine. The same thing happened to me on roughly the same day. My Kenmore failed after about 10 years on 11/20! I did the video fix. As soon as I had the back off I suspected the spider, because nothing I could see- namely springs, shocks etc. could account for the noise. So i opened up the tub and found a cracked spider attached to my stainless drum. Not being able to buy just the spider (you have to buy the spider AND drum) I took the drum/spider assembly to a welder. This morning he called and said he could do nothing with the pot metal spider. I, too, decided on the LG3050 at Lowe’s. My suspicion of front loaders was allayed by the salesman. I’m taking the gamble and not buying the extended warranty, because i now know how to fix the machine (thank you Kenmore garbage).
    On the topic of reduce, recycle, reuse, I’m going to contact our local community college welding class and offer them the machine. Some people on the web have fabricated rugged spiders out of 1/4″ plate steel. Maybe they can fix the spider and pass on the energy and water savings to someone who doesn’t have $579 for a new machine.

    I also found a source for the LG spider on the web. Maybe I should buy one now.


    • I was happy that our machine lasted 12 years (being on a well in a drought area it was nice to know that we were not ‘wasting’ water on washing clothes). For that reason I only looked at the high efficiency washers (and I had heard great things about the LG front loaders from friends). Good idea on giving it to the welding class (I didn’t think about doing that), but we did pull off many working pieces (motor, pump, new shocks [reinstalled the old one so the tub wouldn’t swing] and the power cord even) before it was hauled off.


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