Pepper – new family member

Since I have been asked for photos of Pepper (the Golden Retriever puppy) I will add new photos to here as she gets bigger.  (** Newest photos will be at the top **)

16 Oct 2012 – Boy, time has flown.  Pepper is now 15 weeks old and weighs 15.6 lbs (at home) – she gains about 2 lbs a week (vet said I should continue to track it).  She definitely has more energy (plays fetch, plays with a basketball – runs into it and pushes it, likes to play with empty oatmeal cardboard containers, etc).  She is now eating 1/2 Purina Puppy Chow and 1/2 Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice.  We determined she liked the Trader Joe’s Chicken and Brown Rice sticks so I went looking for a similar ‘large’ breed dog food.  She has definitely gained weight since adding that to her diet that we will be switching her over soon.  She is also now motivated by treats (Milk Bone biscuits, training treats, etc).

Definitely getting bigger!

20 Sep 2012 – Pepper went to the local vet on Tuesday.  He was happy to hear she  doesn’t still have Parvo symptoms (cough, stomach issues, etc).  He said the best news was how much weight she has gained since coming home and for me to keep tracking it.  (She had gained 14 ounces in the last week and their scale says she weighs 6 ounces more than what she weighed at home on Sunday.)   I just weighed her again this morning and she weighs 6 more ounces than on Sunday!  We go back in a month and I hope she is noticeably larger by then.

15 Sep 2012 – Pepper is almost 11 weeks old and weighs 7 lbs, but is still tiny.  She is getting more energy every day (likes to run across the grass) and is eating more also.

2 September 2012 – Pepper is 9 weeks old and weighed 5.6 lbs.  She is definitely getting more energy every day.  Pepper also learned to bark/talk at the vets – already trying to curb that inside the house.

18 August 2012 – First evening Pepper was at home.  She loved to lay in the grass and investigate.  Within twenty-four hours it was obvious she was sick.  Pepper spent eight days at the vet after two days at the breeder’s house.  She definitely lost weight between the first time she came home and the second time.

4 August 2012 – First time we met/fell in love with Pepper.

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