Pepper’s winter sweater

So, before Christmas 2015 I saw this in the local Target ad.

target dog sweater.jpg

And my first thought was that dog looks like Pepper (our ‘red’ Golden Retriever).  I knew Pepper needed a sweater to keep her warmer when she slept out in the dog house so I went looking the next time I was in the local Target store.

Target was out of the dog sweater that was shown in the ad, but I was able to get Pepper a sweater.

Here she is modeling it.  She definitely doesn’t look as happy as the dog in the ad, but she didn’t complain when we went to put it on her before bedtime.  And I am happy to say that it lasted through the winter and will definitely get more use this coming winter.

pPepper sweater

Pepper modeling her winter sweater

Do you dress up your pet?

Later – H

Pet Poison Helplines and websites

Did you know there was a Pet Poison Helplines and websites?   I didn’t until a local vet clinic listed a phone number in a recent article.  When I did a Google search to verify the phone number I actually found two phone numbers and websites:

Animal Poison Control (ASPCA)    888-426-4435


24/7 Animal Poison Control Center          800-213-6680

Each website also has a list of Pet Poisons that can be searched and more useful information.

This definitely sites that I will bookmarking and I already added the phone numbers to my cell phone.

Later – H