Dirty / Clean sign on Dishwasher

So, quite a few years ago I made this Plastic Canvas / Cross-stitched Dirty / Clean sign for our Dishwasher.  I had a hook on the dishwasher that it hung off for years.  Well, fast forward a few years and we got a new Black Dishwasher.  I bought a package of small Clear Command Hooks.  I love the hooks, but the ‘hook’ portion is not as big as the old white hook (which was still attached to the dishwasher when it was removed) and the sign fell off when the dishwasher door was opened (which was getting really annoying).

cross-stitch, cross stitch, DIY

I finally realized that one way to solve the problem was to add a magnet to the back of the sign.  I went to Michael’s and found the package of Business Card size magnets (and of course used a 40% off coupon).

I first just peeled off the backing of the magnet and pressed it onto the sign.  That lasted for about a week before the magnet stayed on the dishwasher door and the sign was on the floor 😦

DIY, cross-stitch, cross stitch

Then I realized that I could use the Hot Glue Gun  to glue the magnet to the back of the sign.  Amy – did you catch that I actually used a ‘blogger’s tool’?

So, I think that solved the problem.  The sign has probably stayed on the dishwasher door for at least two months.  Hopefully it doesn’t fall off again.

cross-stitch, cross stitch, DIY, magnet

This was definitely cheaper than buying/making a new Clean / Dirty sign for the dishwasher (even though I love the look of the signs made with the Scrabble Tiles).  Maybe if I find some Scrabble Tiles at the thrift store I will make a new one.

What small project have you worked on lately?

Later – H