IKEA hacking – have you heard about this?

Until I started going on Pinterest I hadn’t really heard of IKEA (furniture) hacking, but now I know there are at least two websites that are totally about hacking IKEA furniture.

This last weekend we left the high desert of Nevada for Sacramento, CA.  It was nice to get away for the weekend.  We went to the Sacramento Zoo and then went to the IKEA store in West Sacramento.  We walked around all of the showrooms and now that I have seen how people have modified IKEA furniture I looked at everything in a different light.

One thing we have been looking for is a ‘structure’ to put on our kitchen counter so we could store the crockpot and some of the flour containers, etc in a way that we could gain some counter space.

While walking around we saw the birch colored Molger bench on sale for $29.99 (it is still available on the IKEA website at the regular price of $39.99).  We realized we could either change the lower shelf height and/or cut the legs off depending upon the crockpot height.  We got home and found out we could leave the shelf at the regular height and cut 5″ of off the lower legs to make it work for our needs.  That made it so the lower shelf sits just off the counter and the storage unit was not too high for the kitchen counter.  (We love it, but the only problem I have found is I can’t see the television if I am stirring a pot on the stove which I can live with.)

IKEA shelf

So, what projects have you been working on?    I added an email address on the ‘About’ page   acreativeengineerinnv@gmail.com     so send me a message!

Later – H