Dresden plate quilting class

I went to my first quilting class put on through the local Quilt Guild.  It was with Anelie Belden, a National Speaker that wrote a book on a new and easier way to make a Dresden plate quilt – sounds fancy 🙂

Before the class I had to buy a Jelly Roll (I had to ask what that was) – a roll of about 40 strips of 2.5″ wide coordinating materials and follow the pre-class instructions.  I first sewed pairs of dark and light materials together.  Then I had to iron them flat and starch.  The next step was to cut squares that the ‘plates’ will be sewn onto (I didn’t cut all of them since I knew there was no way I would get it all done in one day).

Before class I wondered if it would really be an all day class.  It definitely was and I only got 1/2 of a plate done!

Dresden plate; sewing

Anelie Belden was a great teacher – I learned a lot and had lots of fun.  I still haven’t figured out what I am going to do with my Dresden (half) Plate, but I am thinking of completing it and turning it into a wall hanging.  

I think the next item I will make using this technique (assuming I ever finish this one) will be a serpentine shape and make it as a lap quilt.

What new skill have you learned?  – H