Microfleece baby blanket

One of my former 4-H sewing members (she aged out) is now an adult friend.  She is pregnant and I was asked to help her make a baby blanket.  She bought and cut out the microfleece squares ahead of time.

When she brought them over I asked if she wanted to make a Rag Quilt out of it (in the past I usually made them out of flannel), but since the baby is due in January this will be warm and extra soft and she agreed.  So, we basted two layers of each square together, sewed them so the ‘seam’ was on top.  Then we used small scissors to clip the fringe.

soft, baby, blanket, microfleece

The finished blanket was a hit!

After the baby is born we will embroider her name onto the blanket.

What have you worked on lately?  Later – H

Handmade Diaper Bag

A young friend (former member of the 4H sewing group) is pregnant and due in the middle of January 2014.  After we made the microfleece baby blanket (a previous post) I offered to help her make a diaper bag since she did not get one at her baby shower.

We used the Simplicity 2924 pattern to make this.  When I do it again I know a few changes I will make to the pattern.

We first made a changing pad of the same material and then finally got the diaper bag finished in mid-December (after helping her make some presents).  The bag was a hit and now we are just waiting for the baby girl to arrive.

handmade diaper bag

What have you worked on lately?  – H