Last two months….

In some ways I know it has been two months since my last post went live, but in other ways it has gone by fast.

Some highlights / lowlights,  which will have separate posts in the future:

  • I went to Italy with our daughter ‘A’!  Was Northern Italy, in Winter, on my bucket list?  No, but she had to go see a vendor and drive a rental car around Milan and to a town about two hours away so I went with her.  The highlights, lowlights and things I learned will take multiple posts so that will be sometime in the future.
  • Our daughter ‘A’ got engaged!  The future son-in-law ‘D’ came and talked to her dad while daughter ‘A’ and I were in Italy.  (Our daughter said that ‘D’ had to get her dad’s blessing, which I thought was sweet.)
  • Italy or major jet lag ‘brain fog’ is a real thing.  If/when I travel to Europe, etc again I want to stop in the middle (New York, etc) and take a mini-vacation there for a few days before I continue on.  The nine hour time difference was killing me (going and coming home).
  • My father-in-law died earlier this month.  He had lived with Parkinson’s Disease for 18 years.  My mother-in-law took very good care of him.
  • I have lost weight.  Is it a huge amount, no, but I have gone down at least a pant size and people have noticed.

What have been some of your highlights / lowlights from the last two months?


Later – Heather