replacement Scunci mop cover

My Scunci mop came with one cover.  So after seeing this pin on Pinterest:

I decided I needed to make something similar for my Scunci mop head.

Items I used:

Scunci mop head as a general pattern, leftover piece of terry cloth and a left over scrap of microfleece type material.

DIY, sewing, mop head





DIY, sewing, mop head





It worked so great I created a second one and they have got multiple uses already.

Later – H

Udi versus Rudi Gluten free bread and Walmart

So, for a few years now we have eaten Udi Gluten free bread.  The family likes it toasted and plain (when we rarely eat a sandwich).  Up until now we have been buying it at Trader Joe’s.  Well, this spring Costco (yeah!) started carrying a larger loaf in the frozen food section (in ours it is near the frozen berries – who would have guessed).

Anyways, I had seen coupons for Rudi Gluten free bread, but had never seen it in a store.  Well, the last time I was in Walmart (yes, I go there now, but not often) I went looking around and I found Rudi Gluten free bread in the frozen food section so I picked up a loaf.

The first time I tried the Rudi Gluten free bread I made it into toast.  It was tasty and didn’t fall apart.

On Father’s Day we took a picnic so I took some Rudi Gluten free bread (frozen when we left the house, but defrosted by the time we got there).  I hate to say it, but the bread fell apart as we were eating it.

(Note:  I did email the company that makes Rudi Gluten free bread and got a response that their bread does crumble.)

So, even though I don’t go to Walmart often I will be using the coupons I find to get some reduced gluten free bread for making toast in the mornings.

Oh, and both Udi and Rudi Gluten free bread are made in Colorado.

What new gluten free products have you tried lately?

Later – H

Thrift Store and Garage Sale find

A few weeks ago a neighbor had a Garage Sale.  I was able to walk over so I decided to check it out.  I got there right after they started so most of their items were still in boxes (to be honest the way some things were packed I don’t think they had used them since they had moved in a few years ago).  I found one almost brand new loaf pan for 25 cents – score.  I came home and took one of my really old ones and re-purposed it to craft storage.

A few weeks I decided to go stop in a local Thrift Store (after donating a big bag and box of items).  I had a few items on my mental need list and I found at least one of them:

a) extra Lunch box – This one cost me a $1.00!  I like that it is really bright.

lunch box; thrift store









b) Six sewing patterns for 60 cents.  Since it is finally warm around here I have been living in shorts.  So, I want to make some easy shorts for working in the yard, etc.  The shorts have been started, but need the elastic put in and the legs turned up.  I will post a photo when they are done.

sewing patterns; thrift store







What great garage sale finds have you found recently?

Later – H

Life hint – dollar store deals

Hi.  I figured I hadn’t posted in a while (sorry, life has been busy) and almost every post I have in the queue requires a photo or something to finish it.

So, instead I decided to start randomly writing ‘Life hints’.  You are probably wondering what I mean by a ‘Life hint’.  Well, our daughter is in college and we have some other friends that ask my how I find my deals, etc.  I figured it was time to write some of them down.  (I will figure out how to make a page to list them, but that will be another day.)

So, today is the topic of the local dollar store.  If you know me I rarely go into a dollar store, but there are some products that I look at /buy when I do go in.

So, here are the ones I recently purchased:

– Toothbrushes:  I haven’t been able to find many (if any) coupons on manual toothbrushes lately and my local store that doubled coupons closed last fall (still sad about that).  So, I was very happy when I found Name Brand toothbrushes (3 to a pack) for $1.00.  Score!  A couple of those went in my hand basket.

– Greeting Cards:  Our local dollar store has greeting cards 2 for $1.00.  I was able to find some I liked and needed in the next couple of months – Easter, Thank You, Birthday, etc.

Spray Starch – Someone in the local Quilt Guild suggested I buy the cans of Spray Starch so I could starch the material before I cut it out.  For $1.00 a can I bought a couple and they worked just fine.

So, what are your favorite products at the dollar store?

Later – H

Latest Thrift Store finds

So, one of the top topics requested per the poll was garage sale / thrift store finds.  Normally I would say there are not Garage Sales in Northern Nevada in January, but when I went down our street the other day a neighbor was having one (at first I didn’t believe it).  I have to say I didn’t have a chance to stop at the garage sale, but I did go to one of the Thrift Stores and it happened to be 1/2 price day.

a) I was able to get a needed blue 1″ binder that works perfectly for $0.50.

b) I was able to pick up four clothes sewing patterns for $0.50 (about 12 cents each).  Even when JoAnn Fabric’s has patterns on sale I can’t get a deal like that.

Well, just I decided to do a Google search for the patterns and I was shocked after I entered the first one.

Simplicity 2283 (never used and never opened) – One site had it for $15.95 and Amazon even had it for $6.94!  This one is for tops made from stretch knits.  Something I have never sewn with so I want to give it a try.

Style 2981 (never used, but has been opened) –  One site had it for $5.00.  This one is for skirts with a zipper.  I usually avoid zippers, but I have recently read some tips so I am willing to give it another try.

New Look 6802  (never used and never opened) – Amazon has it for $9.20!  This one is for dresses made from stretch knits.  Something I have never sewn with so I want to give it a try.  I am hoping I can turn this pattern into a PJ top if nothing else.

McCall’s M5894 (never used and never opened) – Walmart has it for $8.31!  This one is for ‘The Perfect Jean’.  I figured even if I didn’t make a pair of pants I might learn some tips of how to modify mine or buy ones that fit better.

Wow – never expected them to sell currently for those prices.  If I had paid the lowest online prices I would have spent $29.45.  I only spent $0.50 for all four so I ‘saved’  $28.95!  (I paid about 2% of the current prices.)

Once I have used at least one of these patterns I will have to check out the patterns the next time I am in a Thrift Store.

Since I won a piece of stretch knit from the blog last year I think I will use one of my ‘almost free’ patterns, that material and ‘Sew Knits With Confidence’ by Nancy Zieman book I picked up from the library to make a knit top.  At least if I start it soon it should be done before the weather officially turns warm.

What deals have you found lately?  – H

Consignment store and Maui

Have you ever thought of going to a Consignment (or Thrift) Store on vacation?  Well, daughter forgot to take a belt with us on vacation so we looked up the local thrift stores.  There was a Goodwill (farther away) and a consignment store a few blocks from the condo we had rented.

Before we went I realized the long sleeve denim shirt I had brought for a cover up was making me too hot so I was hoping to find a dress type item that would work as a cover up (then I would not need to wear the denim shorts either).

So we went to Rainbow Attic in Kihei, Maui.

Daughter found a belt for $6.00 (decent price considering we were in Hawaii and not in a big town) and I looked at the dress type items.  There was a few sleeveless dresses in the $10 to $20 range that I tried on.  One was huge, another was too long (to the ground) and the one priced $20 fit nicely (over my swimsuit) and came to just below my knees.  I had to debate if I wanted to spend $20 for, but finally decided it was better than everything else so it left with us.

dress, hawaii, Maui, consignment store

What I didn’t know until later was the dress brand ‘Tommy Bahama’ was a NAME brand since there was a store in the Shops at Wailea (expensive shopping center).  And, I didn’t know until now that their dress start at $88 on their website.

So, we have multiple photos of me in my ‘bargain’ dress, I spent about 5 days wearing the dress over my swimsuits and I was definitely cooler walking around in it (the last day I had to wear a shirt and short as a cover up since the dress went lower in the back and my upper back was starting to get toasted from snorkeling).

Now, I have a fun dress to wear around home in the summer also.

What bargain have you found lately?      – H

sad news and Did you really get a good deal?

Do you remember when I posted earlier this year that Walmart had come to our smallish town?  Well, the only Nevada owned and operated grocery store announced yesterday that they are closing the store in town.  Am I happy?  No, since I have shopped there regularly for the last 20+ years.  It used to be the closest grocery store to my house, but now I have a Walmart that I have to drive by to get to town.  Oh, well.  Now I will have to decide which of the other non-Walmart stores I will go to more starting in December.

I started the lower section of this post before I heard about my normal grocery store closing.  I saw this blog post on a few weeks ago:

I realized I couldn’t even attempt to write a similar article since I don’t usually shop at Walmart or Winco, but I thought Karrie of Happy Money Saver did a really good job of pointing out that we all are responsible for making sure we are getting a good deal (and not just assume).

And when I say that I am not just talking about prepackaged meat.  For example – when is the last time you have figured out how much you were actually paying for an item (per ounce, etc) versus just picking up the ‘usual’ when you go to the store?

I had planned on making a written (versus by memory) price book so I could tell when a store has a super deal on a product so I can stock up at that time.  I guess it is time to start working on it.

Later – H

Rummage Sale shopping

Before we left on vacation (you probably didn’t know I was gone since I scheduled some posts – maybe I should do a better job at that) we hit a local church Rummage Sale for a couple of specific items:  our goal was a few more dinner/side plates and one or two desk type lamps for the daughter.

Note to self:  When you have a specific list you definitely get out faster and you can make sure you can carry everything to the car without a problem.

We got the two desk lamps for $12.00 total (one even came with a shade) and five dinner/side plates for $1.50.

bargain, rummage sale

This metal lamp even came with its shade.  This lamp was $7.00 and works great.

bargain, rummage sale

The teal lamp was  $5.00 and works great, but didn’t come with a shade.  Since we what a lot of light (down and up) we picked out this shade which I think was $14.00.

So, what bargains have you found recently?

Later – H

Dirty / Clean sign on Dishwasher

So, quite a few years ago I made this Plastic Canvas / Cross-stitched Dirty / Clean sign for our Dishwasher.  I had a hook on the dishwasher that it hung off for years.  Well, fast forward a few years and we got a new Black Dishwasher.  I bought a package of small Clear Command Hooks.  I love the hooks, but the ‘hook’ portion is not as big as the old white hook (which was still attached to the dishwasher when it was removed) and the sign fell off when the dishwasher door was opened (which was getting really annoying).

cross-stitch, cross stitch, DIY

I finally realized that one way to solve the problem was to add a magnet to the back of the sign.  I went to Michael’s and found the package of Business Card size magnets (and of course used a 40% off coupon).

I first just peeled off the backing of the magnet and pressed it onto the sign.  That lasted for about a week before the magnet stayed on the dishwasher door and the sign was on the floor 😦

DIY, cross-stitch, cross stitch

Then I realized that I could use the Hot Glue Gun  to glue the magnet to the back of the sign.  Amy – did you catch that I actually used a ‘blogger’s tool’?

So, I think that solved the problem.  The sign has probably stayed on the dishwasher door for at least two months.  Hopefully it doesn’t fall off again.

cross-stitch, cross stitch, DIY, magnet

This was definitely cheaper than buying/making a new Clean / Dirty sign for the dishwasher (even though I love the look of the signs made with the Scrabble Tiles).  Maybe if I find some Scrabble Tiles at the thrift store I will make a new one.

What small project have you worked on lately?

Later – H

Patriotic Flag Wreath –

I try not to post too many updates in one week, but I just finished this and you might want to make one for the 4th of July also.

Want to make an easy Red, White and Blue wreath that can go outside (especially if you don’t add the lights) that your kids could easily do/help with?

I saw this idea on

patriotic, wreath, DIY, easy

I figured it was something I could easily do since I already had an unused wire wreath form (and battery powered lights, but I haven’t put them on since the wreath is currently hanging outside where it could get wet if it rains).  I went to the local Dollar Store and picked up the plastic tablecloths and the tablecloth weights so this project cost me $4.00 + tax and some time in front of the television at night.

I think it turned out pretty nice.

If you live local (and know my personally) I will give you the leftover tablecloth pieces so you can start your own (if you ask me).

Thanks to TidyMom.Net for posting this idea.

What new holiday decoration do you want to do?

Later – H