Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Long time no post…  I just saw a photo of a Christmas present I made so I figured I would do a quick post.

Who else has gotten into using Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)?  There are many videos on YouTube, individual blogs, etc so I won’t repeat how to do it, but I will show you the first project that I did for a family member.

heat transfer vinyl, HTV, present

first HTV shirt

The lighting wasn’t great, but the trees are a solid green.  I used my Sizzix hand die cutting machine and some of the dies I had for making scrapbooks.  I had to play around with which way the HTV needed to be placed on the die since I wasn’t able to electronically flip my text.

The shirt is still being worn, but I have had to touch up a few of the letters with an iron.  I am still working on the correct amount of time, etc that they should be ironed for, etc.

Since this original shirt I have made eight more shirts for different family members.  So far I haven’t heard that the shapes or letters have fallen off.

What is your latest craft project?

Later – Heather


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

For those of us celebrating Christmas, I know this week is sort of nuts for a lot of us so I wanted to make sure I scheduled this ahead of time.

I am still working on Christmas cards, making treats to give out to the neighbors, cleaning the house, planning our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals, etc.  I also have a list of ‘non-Christmas projects’ that I want to work on, but they will have to wait.

I am hoping that everyone enjoys some time with friends and family.

I am looking forward to the New Year and hope you are too.

Later – H



Christmas Elf on a Shelf – do you do it?

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  And since Christmas is now over I feel I can ask this:  Does your family do the ‘Elf on a Shelf’?

There are a couple of blogs that have been posting everything their Elf has been doing around the house and to be honest I don’t get it.  Maybe it is since the daughter is in College, but even if we had little ones (other than Pepper the Golden Retriever) I don’t think we would do it.

So, I am curious: Would you do Elf on the Shelf??


Later – H

Countdown to Christmas

So, are you surviving the pre-Christmas season?  So far I haven’t got sick (yeah!) – which was a yearly tradition for quite a few years.

We have had snow on the ground for about two weeks so far (which is unusual).  The Christmas tree is up and decorated and the Christmas dishes are being used.

This year I am only making a few presents, actually working on Christmas cards and they will be mailed before Christmas (for a long time we sent New Year’s letters) and have already enjoyed a Fall Concert (free even).

The last couple of months I have also spent many hours helping with http://hallelujahtoffee.org/     – Making toffee (I am known as the ‘nut lady’) and even selling it one Very COLD evening (the weather said it was about 20 degrees F, but there was snow on the ground and a slight wind and it felt a lot colder than that).

Next week we have a Christmas party and the daughter will be home from college for Christmas break!  Life is good.

So, if I don’t post before then I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy the season.

– H