Giveaway: Build a Budget that Works by Jessi Fearon

So, you all know that I try to be thrifty by doing DIY projects, making food from scratch, using coupons, find deals at the Thrift Stores and finding the best deals on the new items or services we need to buy.  Well, another way is by keeping your family on a budget (and one that works is even better).

Jessi Fearon sent me a copy of the Build a Budget that Works  book to review as part of her book launch.

I am glad I got it since it reminded me of categories that I sometimes forget to budget for (like recently needing tires for our truck [which I found a sale on] and now it sounds like we will need them for the car also this year – ouch,  definitely not something I planned for, but I will be looking for a deal on those also).

I will continue to tweak our budget using the tips in Jessi’s book.

So,  would you like to win a FREE copy of the Build a Budget that Works book?  I was given one copy to give away to a reader.

Between now and Thursday 20 November 2014 make a comment (which will be delayed in posting since I have to approve them) with your name and email address.  After that I will pick a winner using a Random Number Generator (hey, I have to use something nerdy).

Good luck!   – H


Thank you –

Almost two months ago I answered a survey that (based in Germany) put on asking which piece of material we would like to win.  Knowing she would ship internationally I entered, but did not have high hopes that I would win.  Well, I won and the piece of pink stretch material arrived about a month ago.

I have been planning / dreaming of what shirt I am going to make with the piece of material.  Now to get my sewing machine fixed so it likes to back stitch again and then this project will come closer to the top of my To Do pile.  I definitely will post a photo when I decide what shirt to make and when it is done.

What have you entered and won lately?

Later – H