Puppy in the yard?!?

Well, this morning I looked out into the yard and saw a puppy. A couple of seconds later I did a double take since our puppy (Pepper) will not arrive until Saturday – we had the neighbor’s puppy in the yard! (Saturday I noticed a black puppy nose under the fence, but I wasn’t sure if it was theirs or it was visiting.)

So, I went out and tried to get a collared, but untagged (black) puppy to come to me. I finally got it to come, but then she saw the same neighbor’s cat laying under the picnic table and took off after the cat! Oh, my. Luckily, I heard the neighbor’s wife asking ‘do you see her?’ (she was asking her husband about the puppy). So, I yelled that I have ‘your puppy and cat’ in my yard.

So, finally they came over with a leash and took ‘Daisy’ the black puppy home. I am not totally sure how she got in the yard, but I think she dug under the side fence. So, besides getting the kennel setup, dog house painted, etc we will need to make sure there isn’t a way for the puppies to get under the fence to visit.

Later – H

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