Vitamins – gluten-free and others

We now order our gluten-free multi-vitamins from
If you are interested here are some of the gluten-free vitamins that we have bought:
** Note please verify ingredients yourself before using these products. We haven’t had any problems, but I would hate for you to.

– Super Nutrition , Perfect Family, Multi-Vitamin / Mineral (regular and iron-free is available)
– Super Nutrition , Women’s Blend 2, Multi-Vitamin / Mineral for Women
– Country Life, Gluten-free, chewable adult multiple vitamin

Also, since I usually buy over $40.00 at a time I get free 1-3 day shipping to Nevada. (Right now they are offering free shipping if your order is over $20.00.)

I just placed an order with and was give this unique coupon code – HER481 – that friends/family can use.

If you want to order enter the code HER481 in your shopping cart (right before check-out) and you will receive a BIG discount on your first order!
– If the order totals more than $40, you will save $10!
– If the order totals less than $40, you will save $5!

And I will get a discount the next time I order vitamins 🙂
Later – H

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