Walmart update and something weird happened today…

Well, I did go to our local Walmart this week looking for black cord elastic (see a previous post about Walmart coming to town).  They had a map of the store near the door so I was able to quickly find the fabric / craft area.  Bad part – they didn’t have any black cord elastic (only white); Good part – I check their fabrics and found some material with ‘shoes’ on it – perfect to finish a project for a friend that likes shoes.  So, I did buy one yard of the material and headed for the cashiers after I told the lady that this was one department they should definitely keep.

Now one of my problems with Walmart: I was there mid-morning on a Monday, but there were multiple people in each line and they were moving so slow.  I finally moved to one of the self-service lines and the person in front of me couldn’t figure out how to use the computer system to pay (the employee kept having to come over and clear the machine and have him try it again).  Luckily, the guy waiting for the other self-service line saw that I only had one item and allowed me to take the register that was in front of him when it was open.

So,  Walmart did have at least one item I needed and I will try them when I need a basic craft/sewing item or maybe a piece of fabric.  A friend reminded me that there was a smallish fabric store (in the next town 30 minutes away) that would have my black cord elastic at a good price (and they still cut you the length you need instead of having to buy a prepackaged item) so I bought it there when I was in town.

Weird thing that happened today:  We took Pepper the Golden Retriever puppy (7 months old as of yesterday) for a walk on a new, paved trail nearby.  Well, before we got far away from the car she pooped so I bagged it up and took it back to the car (leaving it next to the front passenger tire) since there wasn’t a trash can available.  We went on the 2+ mile round trip walk and were deciding how we were going to get rid of the bag – put it in the back of the car to take home, find a trash can nearby, etc.  Well, we got back to the car and the bag was gone!  There is no way someone would thing that bag had something valuable (smelly!) so we are stumped why someone would take it.  I guess we were the recipient of a Random Act of Kindness,

Later – H


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