I hate being sick….

I was hoping I could skip what has been going around our area, but I guess not (so far the rest of the family hasn’t gotten it and I hope they don’t!).  But, I did realize I haven’t been sick in about two years – probably a record for me.

Over a week ago I thought I was coming down with a cold.  Well, it continually got worse over the weekend and by last Monday morning I felt 100 times worse than even on Sunday!  I figured it was time to go to the doctor.  So, the doctor figures I have  an ear/sinus infection which has gone into my chest.  This has knocked me for a loop and I don’t have the energy (or voice/breathe) to do much – I cleaned up my some of my Pinterest boards, have spent way too much time on a Facebook game and have watched multiple recorded shows that I have had for a while.  (And I am taking three prescriptions and three over-the-counter medicines recommended by the doctor – I finally had to write a schedule to keep it all straight since most of them are taken at least twice a day.)

Since I have been drinking a lot of water (doctor said it was one of the best things to clean out my lungs) I am getting bored with it so I have been drinking some hot tea (with lemon and honey).  We have this tall Starbuck’s cup we got as a Christmas exchange present so I figured I would use it.  The bad part is when I poured in the hot water the tea bag string fell into the water and then I had to fish it out.  So, I used a binder clip to weigh down the tag and now the tea bag stays in the water on its own.  Score!

tea bag holder

Pepper isn’t sure what to do since she has never seen (or heard) my sick (if you know me I usually lose my voice when I get sick) – she was giving me the head tilt when I would talk to her (I wish she wasn’t so hard to get a photo of by myself – she sees a camera and runs at you).  She also hasn’t been getting daily walks from me so some mornings she wanted to play tug-a-war for about an hour – Pepper is getting strong (she turned 8 months old on the 1st of March).  I am also training Pepper to go where I want (in the house, into the garage, etc) by making clicking noises with my mouth and pointing (better than hardly getting words out and having her just stare at me).  We are also practicing the hand motions from Puppy Training and she is responding pretty nicely.

So, this last week hadn’t gone as planned.  When I first started getting sick I figured I would work on projects around the house, but I haven’t had the energy to do any of it.  The end of the week was more productive and hopefully this week I will be almost back to normal.

So, I hope everyone else is keeping healthy.

Later – H


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