Bar stool from rummage sale

Here is the bar stool I found for the garage at the rummage sale for $5.00.  We decided it didn’t need painting so it is already being used.


Bargains found today

Great morning for deals.  a) Got a ‘free’ movie from the Red box machine since I had found a free code online.  b) Went to the Methodist Rummage sale and spent $13.70 total on: a bar stool with back for the garage (looks decent, but will be a future painting project), new certificate frame, three pairs of jeans that fit, 12 jam canning jars, a new long fork which will work for roasting marshmallows when we go camping, decorative metal hook, ‘material’ (former pants) that was handmade in Indonesia (for a future project) and other miscellaneous items.  I will post before/after photos when the projects are finished.


Welcome to my blog.  After thinking about this for a while I decided to ‘take the plunge’ and get into blogging.

My main goal is to give at least a glimpse of what we are up to: Vacation photos, projects (DIY, sewing, house, etc), Gluten-Free recipes and tips, and hopefully some awesome deals that I find mostly in Northern Nevada or online.

Please leave comments of what topics you would like me to address first.
Until next time – H