Petco bargains

Since I am taking Pepper (the Golden Retriever puppy) to Puppy Training at Petco we went early on Monday to walk around the store.  There was a Clearance Rack by the front door so I checked it out.  There were several large, average chew Kong Dental toys marked at $12.00 and $9.00 each.  I didn’t know what the original price was, but I thought $9.00 was a deal since I had a $5.00 Pals Reward to spend.

After training I went and bought the Kong Dental toy and found out it was $1.50 + tax!   I was told they didn’t have time to remark the clearance prices.

So, on Wednesday I went into Petco again (by myself) to see if I could find at least another Kong toy.  Well, I found another Kong Dental marked as $9.00, a VIP Tuffy JR’s Red Bone toy marked as $8.00 AND they added the dog backpacks we had looked at last Friday night (by using one Pepper will be able to carry her own water and snacks on a hike).  The dog backpack was marked as $42.00, but I hoped it would scan for less.

So, here is everything I bought between both days:

(2) Large Kong Dental toys       originally   $18.99 each     scanned at $1.50 each

(1)   VIP Junior Red Bone toy   originally  $11.99           scanned at $1.00

(1)  Large dog backpack          originally  $49.99             scanned at $12.00

Total cost at the original price:    $99.96

Scanned price:    $16.00   (84% off the original price)

Minus $10.00 in Pal Rewards

Total I paid (plus tax):     $6.00    (actually paid 6% of the original price with my Pal Rewards plus tax)

That is the best deal I have gotten in a long time!

Lesson learned:  If there is something you want it pays to at least to get the item scanned to see if it the clearance price has changed.

So, I would love to hear about the bargains you find.  Later – H

Update on Pepper (Golden Retriever puppy)

She is definitely getting longer.

She is definitely getting bigger- look at those legs and her tail

Pepper is now 15 weeks old.  She now weighs 15.6 lbs at home.   We started Puppy Training on Monday afternoon. So far we are the only one in the class, but he is going to try to find a classmate (then Pepper will have someone to play with and I can learn how to get her attention even when she is playing with another puppy).



I got a deal on the training:  Puppy Training is $109 for 6 weeks (1 to 1.5 hours per week).  Since I have a PALS member card I got $10 off (didn’t know about that discount) AND the Entertainment Book had a $20 off coupon on any group training.  So, I got $30 off the price of the training.  AND it counts towards the $5 reward for every $100 spent so I just earned my next reward.

My receipt also printed out a 10% off in the month of November so I will be buying a big bag of the Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice then (right now she eats 1/2 Purina Puppy Chow and 1/2 Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice), but we will be switching fully over to the Blue Buffalo since she has definitely gained weight since she started eating it.

Pepper has been taken swimming a couple of times in lakes (actually the last time she was carried into water that was deeper than she could stand so she had to swim into shore).  After the photos we gave her a bath in the metal tub on the back patio (hard to believe the weather in Northern Nevada is still warm enough for shorts in the afternoon).  Pepper still doesn’t like being put in the tub since she tried to reach out and grab the sides of the tub again.  Oh, well by next summer I am guessing she will love the water.

I will post these photos on the permanent page also (under About).

Later – H

Thrift Store bargains

Do you ever have ‘well laid’ plans and they all go out the window?  Well, the last couple of weeks I have been in ‘catch up mode’ and I can’t believe it is already the second week of October.  So, I figured I would start by showing some of the bargains I found at the local Thrift Stores/church Rummage Sales recently.

a)      Animal Crate: Since Pepper came home from the breeder (after being so sick) she had been sleeping in a small crate (that we borrowed from the breeder) in her kennel area.  I found a ‘large’ almost new crate for $30.  I have used it to take Pepper to the vet by myself and she is starting to go in it by herself – especially if there are treats in it 🙂

b)      Hanging metal container: I found a metal hanger for a locker that was Bright Pink but only $1.05!  But, after seeing posts by Amy from While Wearing Heels I realized that I could use black spray paint (after putting masking tape on the magnets) and find a use for it.  It is now part of my Menu Planner area that hangs on the refrigerator.  (See a future post for the Menu Planner.)

c)      Printer stand:   I found two interlocked paper files for $2 that I am using as a stand to store the paper for the printer.  One section has the plain regular paper and the other section has some of the special paper (colored, cardstock, photo, etc).  I was concerned about the printer weight on the stand, but it has been holding up for about a month so far.

d)     Note paper:  As a present to my mom I usually get small packages of colored computer paper from the Dollar Store and print a header on it so she can write letters.  At the thrift store I found a large box (about 200 sheets) of white note paper for $2 so I printed the header on half of it and gave her the box of paper.  She really liked it (sorry – no photos).

I hope this motivated you to go looking at items in Thrift Stores in a new light (before I never would have picked up a bright pink metal hanger).